Electronic Components

Enhance your electronic circuits with our high-quality passive components. From resistors to inductors our products are designed to enhance circuit performance and ensure reliable operation.


Founded in 1975, and being the first listed electronics company in Taiwan, LITEON Technology is a world-leading provider of opto-semiconductor, power supply management and key electronic products with global manufacturing facilities. In recent years, with its active deployment in the fields of cloud computing, automotive electronics, 5G, AIoT and optoelectronics, coupled with expansion of new business for smart life, LITEON continues to use its professionalism, rich industrial experience, flexible supply chain management with quick response and diverse worldwide operational centers, has become the best partner of global customers for creating value, innovation, and application of smart technology.



Production and sales of Crystal-Related products such as Crystal devices (e.g. Crystal Units, Crystal Oscillators, Crystal filters), Ultrasonic Transducers, Synthetic Quartz and Crystal Blank.



The main products include: DC/DC, AC/DC, PMIC, LED lighting, BMS, light sensor, motor driver, audio power amplifier, power module, protection switch, energy measurement, metering and signal chains solutions.

Silergy has the industry-leading process technology to design innovative mixed-signal and analog IC. Our products are widely used in automotive, industrial, consumer, computing and telecom equipment. We have always been committed to providing our customers with better performance and higher reliability analog IC.


Silicon craft

SIC, Thailand’s first and the only one privately-held Thai semiconductor design company, is internationally recognized as a leading provider of world-class RFID microchips. As a fabless semiconductor company, SIC partners with world-class Fabs and OSATs to offer custom ASIC and standard design microchips for RFID and NFC applications in various form factors.

SIC’s reputation has been further strengthened through its experience and expertise in the design and development of world-class foundry semiconductor manufactures of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits.



NeoCortec was founded in 2007 with the aim of developing and patenting several innovations related to Wireless Sensor Networks. The founders realized early on that there was a lack of new thinking and research in the area of Wireless Sensor Networks – seemingly all efforts hitherto were based on methods related to IP protocols. The founders had maintained that IP protocols were not applicable to the field of Wireless Sensor Networks. They claimed that there existed the possibility of making large scale routing protocols function in real time, thus without network managers etc., and all the while dramatically reducing power consumption.



Sensolute is a microelectronics company. They develop and produce ultra low power micro vibration sensors as sensor systems with integrated signal evaluation. These small, clever sensors control the operational status of motion-sensitive equipment to extend battery life.



Developing prevalent Micro-Controller IC to allow Computer, Communications, Consumer Electronics and Automotive Electronics products more humane, practical, and convenient, thereby creating an energy-saving and carbon-reducing environment.

Holtek is a leading manufacturer of professional Micro-Controller IC design with main scope of business including the design, development and sales of 8-bit and 32-bit MCU IC and peripherals.