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M2M solutions expert for products & services

Our innovative solutions enable businesses to make better decisions based on real-time information and are utilized in almost every vertical market including: security, building and industrial automation, medical/ healthcare, IT/data centre, government, transportation, pro AV/signage, retail, power and utilities, and many others.

CST Networking combines products and services as end-to-end solutions to drive business efficiencies. We provide the broadest range of wireless products, a cloud computing platform tailored for devices, and development services to help customers get to marketfast with wireless devices and applications.
Our entire solution set is tailored to allow any device to communicate with any application, anywhere in the world.

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Lantech IWP-1000b/g Instdustrial 802.11 b/g Redundant Access Point

• Dual Radio for 802.11 b/g
• Supports AP / Bridge / Repeater / AP-Client Mode
• Supports X-Roaming < 100ms
• IP30 Housing for Industrial Environment
• Provides 1 PoE P.D. port with 1KV isolation

Lantech IWP-1000b/g is a reliable 802.11b/g WLAN with 2 ports LAN Access Point. It can be configured to operate in AP/Bridge/Repeater/AP-Client mode. Users are able to configure IWP-1000b/g by WEB interface via LAN port or WLAN interface. IWP-1000b/g provides dual Ethernet ports in switch mode, so that users can use Daisy Chain to reduce the usage of Ethernet switch ports.
With IEEE802.11b/g dual mode capability, IWP-1000b/g is able to operate with a maximum link speed of 54Mbps to maximize the capacity of communication channel. The security standards include WEP, WPA, WPA-PSK (TKIP, AES), WPA2, WPA2-PSK (TKIP, AES), 802.1X and Radius. These various kinds of security standards for WLAN are also configurable to ensure the security of data transmission.
Lantech IWP-1000b/g supports HTTPs protocol over LAN or WLAN to assure the data security when users make configuration remotely. IWP-1000b/g also support switch mode. Users are able to use the Daisy Chain to reduce usage of Ethernet switch port. The redundant DC power inputs help to guarantee a non-stop operation. The backup power input will take over immediately when the primary DC power input fails.

IWP-1000b/g also provides P.D. feature on ETH2 which is fully compliant with IEEE802.3af PoE P.D. specification.



Lantronix Hybrid Ethernet Terminal and Multiport Device Servers

EDS 1100 / EDS 2100
• Quickly connect any device with a serial port to the network using robust SSH or SSL enterprise-level security.
• Run Linux or Lantronix Evolution OS for the ultimate in application development flexibility.
• Easily customize and enhance the EDS for your unique application with Evolution OS.
• Simple device set-up, configuration and monitoring with powerful, industry-standard management tools (Web, CLI, XML, SNMP)

The EDS1100 and EDS2100 are unique, hybrid Ethernet terminal/multiport device servers which allow remote access to and management of virtually any IT/networking equipment or edge device such as medical equipment, POS terminals or security equipment.
The EDS provides bullet-proof security by offering a variety of robust data encryption and authentication options. Featuring Lantronix' powerful Evolution OS®, with AES, SSH and SSL built in, the EDS provides enterprise-level security allowing safe remote access and management from practically anywhere. What's more, the option to run Linux, with IPv6 built in, enables you to deploy custom applications and take advantage of large feature-libraries available for Linux developers.

With no special software required, setup is a breeze with the included Windows-based DeviceInstaller™. The EDS can also be set up locally via a serial port, or remotely over a network using Telnet, SSH, or a web browser (HTTP and HTTPS) or SNMP.
Included, Lantronix' proprietary Com Port Redirector™ virtualization software, allows existing serial port applications to work with the EDS with no code modifications.



LM Technologies – Bluetooth to Serial Adaptor

LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter
Our LM048 Bluetooth serial adapter is the smallest Bluetooth Serial Adapter in the world and offers a higher standard of features than other adapters of its type.

The LM048 Bluetooth serial adapter is a Class 1 Bluetooth rated product which will reach distances off 100m when the environment allows, connection is made in via its on–board antenna. LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter uses a CSR IC which runs LM technologies own AT Command firmware enabling connection to other Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth Serial Adapter has been certified to use the Bluetooth standards 2.1 + EDR or 2.0 + EDR.

The firmware within the LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter allows all of the known serial configurations to be used and it is this flexibility that has enabled LM to patent its Firmware. The AT command firmware which controls the RS23 signals (DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS) for line handling which offers the full range of serial combinations are easily configured by using the adapters slide switch on top of the adapter.

Our LM149 configuration software allows users to adjust various serial settings such as flow control, stop bits etc. It also enables users to update the device name and turn on or off Bluetooth functions such as Auto Connect and or Bluetooth discoverable features.

LM Technologies has built such applications within Android, Blackberry, Windows, OSX platforms, which enable the LM048 a range of smart phone solutions. These solutions can be developed for your own application free of charge by LM Technologies, when volumes in excess of 1000 pieces per annum are requested. Please see our case studies for further details on how the Bluetooth Serial Adapter has be used in solution.

LM048 Bluetooth Serial Adapter Certification
The LM048 Bluetooth serial adapter has been certified in the following countries; FCC USA, R&TTE CE EU, ANATEL Brazil, TELEC Japan, KCC Korea, SRRC China, WPC India, IC Canada, and Mexico. It has also meet the industry standards that need specialist certification which are: Automotive 2004/104/EC, EMC and SIG BQB Certifications. As the LM048 Bluetooth serial adapter is widely used within the serial printer market and the LM048s have gained approval from many POS / EPOS industry manufactures: Star-Micronics, EPSOM, SNBC, Orient, Toshiba and Sharp.

We have also developed specific solutions within the automotive industry for Bosh, and radar detection application for Unipart.



ThingMagic (Trimble) Fixed RFID Readers

Building on the ease of use, reliability and enterprise-grade performance ThingMagic products are known for, the M6 offers a low-profile form factor, rugged service operating capabilities and the industry's highest transmit power for a Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable reader. These features make the M6 well suited for enterprise, commercial and industrial environments where high performance in a wide range of operating conditions is required.

Key features include:
• Small form factor – Dimensions of 3.4 cm (Height) x 19.0 cm (Length) x 17.8 cm (Width) allow for the integration of enterprise-grade RFID into low profile portals, read stations, displays and a variety of other indoor and outdoor structures and environments.
• Environmental rating – The M6 has an IP52 rating, providing dust ingress protection and water resistance for industrial, outdoor and rugged service requirements.
• Transmit power – The M6 operates at +5 to +31.5 dBm in both AC and PoE powered options, delivering superior performance for a wide range of applications.
• Tag read performance – Configuration flexibility supports high sensitivity and high throughput operations. Superior receive sensitivity allows for a long read range (30 ft) and a RFID tag read rate of more than 750 tags/second using high-performance settings.
• Power over Ethernet – Power over Ethernet (PoE) support provides ease of installation and low total cost of ownership savings.
• Wi-Fi network connectivity – An integrated Wi-Fi network option provides low cost integration with existing enterprise Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi security standards.
• Application Interface:
   o Direct Communication: EPCglobal Low Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) v1.0.1
   o On-Reader API: MercuryOS C API
   o Host API: Java, C, .NET



White papers / Case Studies

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Lantech – Outdoor Wireless Surveillance System

LM-Technologies – Transmit results of Light Intensity from a Luxometer wirelessly using a serial protocol

Thingmagic –RFID-Based Asset Tracking and Project Management


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