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M2M solutions expert for products & services

Our innovative solutions enable businesses to make better decisions based on real-time information and are utilized in almost every vertical market including: security, building and industrial automation, medical/ healthcare, IT/data centre, government, transportation, pro AV/signage, retail, power and utilities, and many others.

CST Networking combines products and services as end-to-end solutions to drive business efficiencies. We provide the broadest range of wireless products, a cloud computing platform tailored for devices, and development services to help customers get to marketfast with wireless devices and applications.
Our entire solution set is tailored to allow any device to communicate with any application, anywhere in the world.

      March 2013

Lantech LPES-2224CA – 24 10/100TX + 2 1000T/SFP combo with 24 PoE Injector Managed Switch

Lantech LPES-2224CA PoE switch is a highly integrated managed and PoE power feeding switch to deliver MTU, Transportation, VoIP, Surveillance applications. The 24 PoE interfaces provide flexible configuration options for the network.

Lantech LPES-2224CA grounding and fuse design double protect switch from outside statistic electricity and high power input. LPES-2224CA unique power and FAN monitoring and PD (power devices, like IP CAM, VoIP etc) power status monitoring provides centralized information for MIS. It also provides various PoE management functions such as power feeding priority, classification, disable / enable etc, which offer easy and user friendly interface for MIS.


Lantech LGS-2624C – 20 10/100/1000T + 4 100/1000M SFP Combo + 2 100/1000M SFP L2 Plus Managed Switch

Lantech LGS-2624C is a 20-port 10/100/1000 Base-TX + 6 100 /1000M SFP L2 managed switches which supports full SNMP features, including QoS for 4 queues, 801.q VLAN, IPv6, IGMP snooping and query mode as well as SNTP and SMTP.
The switch features advanced security function including SSH, SSL, RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication, PVE, ACLs as well as supports IP Source Guard to anti-fake DHCP server or illegal IP address to access the network.

With advanced SNMP and security function, LGS-2624C is the best switch to connect with IP Camera, Setup box, VoIP phone / router, Wireless Equipments for MTU, Transportation or Surveillance applications.


Adeunis-RF – ARF50-PRO - 4 digital + 2 analogue I/O module

The ARF50-PRO is a 4 I/O (input/output) AON + 2 I/O analogue module that acquires data coming from sensors, contacts or counters to control remote equipment.

Coupled with Adeunis RF radio modems, the ARF50-PRO can design unique solutions to connect, or to measure wireless I/O over long distances (up to 25km) or in disturbed industrial environments.

Flexible, it has 4 intelligent pre-programmed modes.
• Mirror: for point to point applications
• Peer-to-peer: for point / multipoint applications
• Trigger: for relaying alarm applications
• Modbus: return a global view of the system and control / command the system's I/O


Lantronix – SecureLinx SpiderDuo. Compact Remote-KVM with Local Access

The SecureLinx® SpiderDuo™ is the newest in the popular Spider family of remote KVM solutions. SpiderDuo provides secure, remote KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) over-IP capabilities as well as transparent local access. The Duo is ideal for those who need local access, as well as the flexibility of KVM-over-IP in a single integrated solution. Its palm-sized, "zero-U" design is perfect for space-constrained applications. What's more, Duo requires no additional software and allows full BIOS level control of the host system.

• The SpiderDuo is ideal for those who need local access, as well as the flexibility of KVM-over-IP in a single integrated solution
• Reduce costs and decrease downtime by remotely managing PCs and servers, down to the BIOS level, while still allowing transparent local access
• Transfer files, install patches, perform upgrades remotely with Virtual Media
• Remotely manage power with the optional power control unit
• Easy configuration and installation with color coded connectors—local and remote management are up and running in minutes

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